Food Service Products 

Artichoke Soup Base - Frozen

Our Artichoke Soup Base is the exact recipe from LeRuth's Restaurant. With this great base, you can quickly have a restaurant grade quality soup ready to be served! What you choose to do with the base can be left up to the creative mind of the Chef!

Bon Appetit’

LeRuth's Vanilla Flavor with Vanilla Beans

Chef Warren Leruth started his career as a baker. Because of this, he created a one of a kind vanilla that would stand out against all other vanillas to improve flavor. This was his most prized extract/flavor that he created. Our Vanilla has a small amount of vanillin to balance and stabilize its full flavor, especially in frozen and baked desserts, as well as candies. Try it for yourself and see!

LeRuth's Vanilla Flavor 

LeRuth's Vanilla Flavor is a wonderful, economical vanilla giving a creamy and rich vanilla flavor. This product was created for and used by Outback Steakhouse for over 20 years.